Abuja Beauty Pageant 2017 | Top 10 Abuja Beauty Pageant and How to Apply


Abuja Beauty Pageant 2017 | Top 10 Abuja Beauty Pageant and How to Apply.

In this article, I will be explaining in detail about, Abuja Beauty Pageant 2017. I will help you understand everything by making my explanations very simple. Stay focus and read through.

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Beauty Pageant in Abuja has become the biggest sector of Abuja Entertainment Industry, While most Beauty Pageants and Queens gain influence and credibility with Projects and Endorsements some others are nowhere to be found in the Picture.

Face of Democracy

Face of Democracy always keep the standard since the birth in 2013, FDN is also known for setting the pace in Abuja Beauty Pageant Industry.

When it comes to the dignitaries and the Class, FDN has decreased Number one Beauty Pageant Show in Abuja last year, the Show was way too successful with Guest Appearances by The First Lady of Kogi State, Mrs. Rashida John Bello, Senator Nnaemeka Anyanwu, Seir Shay and many more.

Abuja Beauty Pageant 2017 | Top 10 Abuja Beauty Pageant and How to Apply.

This year should be bigger, better and more classy for FDN will be 5 this year and we know they always try something different so let us look and see what we are. ..

Mrs Accolade Beauty Pageant

Accolade Media released a different kind Beauty Contest last year with a pageant for married people only.

Last year, the contest actually one of the biggest beauty pageant in Abuja and First Ladies catwalk on the stage as a pastor’s wife was crowned as Mrs Accolade 2016.

This year, expectations are already high for Mrs Accolade Beauty Pageant 2017 as Beautiful married women are set to run for this first of a kind contest.

Health Miss Beauty Pageant

This pageant started out funny as they auditioned for almost a year but it finally ended up great with a power-packed event that featured great especially from the health sector.

Last year, a beauty contest girls representing diseases and that made it look elegant but according to the plan, this is boring, reduce diseases.

This pageant is actually rated as the Number one Pageant in Abuja with more modern works, there is so much expectation from this pageant this year and we hope they do not fail.

Face of Unity Nigeria

After disappearing since the maiden edition, the organizers of Face of Unity Nigeria decided to return back to the scene with the 2017 edition.

Abuja Beauty Pageant 2017 | Top 10 Abuja Beauty Pageant and How to Apply.

The 2013 Edition of Face of Unity Nigeria was more like the biggest beauty pageant that year in Enugu while The British-Nigeria Queen Chichi Mbagwu was crowned.

Queen Chichi Mbagwu was announced by a reputable online firm as the only beauty queen in Nigeria with A First Class Certificate in the UK.

Face of Unity Nigeria 2017 Edition is set to hold in Abuja.

Miss UniAbuja

Miss University of Abuja is one of the biggest university pageants in Nigeria with so much class and prestige.

Finest Girl Nigeria

Here comes one of the oldest and biggest beauty pageant in Abuja but the fact still remains that the Queens still remain irrelevant even though the Pageant Organizer claims his online TV has 5million reach but that don’t still promote the Queens, we have also seen their events been over hyped with words like “5 Governor’s, 3 Ministers, 10 Senators” but we end up not seeing even an SA to a Local Government Chairman when we attend, we also know of one of their queens called Queen Aisha who is only seen in Parties and Nightclubs.

Face of Culture

The Previous Edition this Distinguished Pageant crowned Queens that helped in pushing the brand but the latest Queens are nothing to be written home about, the event also ended up in a ridiculous way after crowning of Queens that were disqualified from other pageants, we haven’t seen or heard of Anything from their Queens either.

Face of Fashion Africa

Face of Fashion Africa was very controversial that even during the event, almost all the seats were empty, the girls were looking horrible and we haven’t seen them before anywhere near a project or media since when they left Face of Fashion Africa Stage.

Queen of Unity

This Pageant shouldn’t have been featured if they had more queens like Queen Simi Silas, Their other Queens have never been seen on the Media and even on during events which is the cheapest form of Publicity.

Miss UN Habitat

Last year, this pageant had one of the biggest controversy, from UN Alleged attack to Jaywon controversy and finally to their Queen controversy of travelling home with the official car which haven’t been fully paid for. Since the Crowning of the Queens, they have been sent to exile because we haven’t seen them anywhere near the media or a project. The organizer also made an appearance at Mrs Accolade event which was one of his first appearance months after his event.

Abuja Beauty Pageant 2017 | Top 10 Abuja Beauty Pageant and How to Apply.

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