Npower 2017 Registration Errors | NPVN Sign up & Account Problems | Npower Solutions –


Npower 2017 Registration Errors | NPVN Sign up & Account Problems | Npower Solutions –

Npower Registration has commence within this period of time and alot of graduates and non graduates wants to participate on the ongoing opportunity scheme. for that reason, the Npower registration portal have been restricted for some time making it difficult for people to successfully register. This notice brings me to the new solutions and problem solving Npower articles as i will be compiling some reason why this difficult account sign up in Npower 2017 is occuring.

Npower 2017 Registration Errors

npower have been Redesigned
it has been difficulty for people to register on before some hours ago
our investigation shows that have been redesigned.

Here is the new face of
Once requested click on the link above and it will take them to a web site and help them to select the program they are applying for and to complete the Personnel Information. There after click on submit.

Face two

In the second part of the registration on the search upload documents (passport CV certificate)

By the end of your registration you should get this message

“N-Power | Social Initiative Programme

You have completed the Npower Registration Process.

Thank You.

N-Power Support Team.

Copyright ©N-Power”

Npower 2017 Registration Errors | NPVN Sign up & Account Problems | Npower Solutions –

We suggested that if you have registered before now and you are not sure whether your registration was successful or not to re-registered.
Thanks is an the official website of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to register the two young graduates and non-graduates who want to apply for:

“Error establishing a database connection”

“The connection was reset

The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

The site can be a time or work. Please try again in a few moments.

If you cannot load any pages, check your computer’s network.

If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web. ”
If You are experiencing this is not your network or computer. it is a general problem

Now this will be a very expository. Of all the signs of people that were interviewed and they can go to npvn website npower, I discovered that many of them are not written in the first test, but when they left the selection portal url saw their names.

Now these people until now have not received any statement SMS.

This may be why many of these people can not enter.So if you know you write your test but you see ur name in the npower screening portal jubilate yet very cos only want to write test, the names of the shortlisted on the portal and finally get SMS only people that should congratulate themselves.
Peradventure you fulfilled the above requirements but still cannot login yet, then don’t worry everything shall be fixed in no time.

Npower website designers should have designed something similar to websites like Nigerian Navy, Army etc that receive millions of applications during registration without persistent crash like Npower currently have.

NPVN Sign up & Account Problems | Npower Solutions –

N-power Teachers Corps 500,000 degrees

N-Power 25,000 education degree

N-Power Building 75,000 degrees.

officially the registration suppose to start today 12/6/2016 at But our investigation discover that the website has been fluctuating from time to time. some of the error are:

This website should be overhauled. Applicants faced more frustration than satisfaction

This thread has shown that the website has given applicants more headache than they were before the commencement of this online application.

I had to switch off my phone due to persistent calls from applicants who faced unresolved challenges of system break down in the course of registration.

That’s to tell the government and the world that the major problems facing Nigeria are unemployment and baaaad leadership .

I implore President Muhammadu Buhari to direct those behind this website to re design so that users can have better experiences in the course of registration.

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