NECO History Questions 2017 | NECO History Answers


NECO History Questions and Answers 2017 | This page contains History Questions that will be ask for the June/July 2017 History Examination. Stay focus and read through.

NECO History Questions and answer 2017

NECO History Questions and Answers 2017

-Neco History Questions and Answers 2017
The National Council for the Study of the examination body in the country in general Secondary Certificate examination and the General Certificate of Education in June / July and December / January respectively.
History Practical Questions and Answers
Less can be repeated questions for Neco History deadly 2017 – keep visiting this page as changes will be made.

NECO History Questions and answer 2017

-Social groups
-political organizations
-settlement group
-social groups
-Religion group
-Economic development
-system govnmt monarchical
-The King semi devine
While serving as a barrier btn de
fathers nd de gods
-King of West Africa
Sudan states down the middle
over government ministries
-Ministers states pay for them
-Subjects regarded as kings source
life, death, disease nd quality


NECO History Questions and answer 2017

-The knowledge of iron technology
-The leading authority members
-Able leaders
-The role of sacred symbols
-De traditional role comodities
-The introductn guns
-The Atlantic slave trade
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-Neco History Questions and Answers 2017

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