Making Jamb Result to last for 3 years


Making Jamb Result to last for 3 years: Jamb is hot cake in Nigeria today, it is easy to pass waec but coming to jamb, it will look like a long row to hoe.

The number of jamb candidates increases every year but poor jamb result.Statistics has it that in 2014, the total of number of 1,015,504 candidates wrote the 2014 jamb examination; no fewer than 1.4 million candidates wrote the 2015 jamb examination and about 1,589,175 (1.5million) wrote the 2016/2017 jamb examination. From the statistics above, you can see that there is an increase at the number of jambites every year.

making jamb to last for 3 years -

Making Jamb Result to last for 3 years

Considering how people suffer about jamb, The Nigerian senate asked the joint admission and matriculation board (Jamb) to extend jamb result validity to 3 years so as to help people who can’t afford the money next year if eventually they did not get admission in the year they wrote jamb and also to reduce the stress people undergoes in the course of writing jamb examination.

Making Jamb result to last for 3 years means that if you write jamb examination in 2016, you will use your 2016 jamb result to pursue admission in that 2016 and in 2 more years ahead which is 2017 and 2018 respectively that is three good years and if eventually you didn’t get admission within that 3 years, you will then have to write another jamb which will also last for 3 years. To me, making jamb result to last for 3 years will be very good and welcoming to those who know what it takes to write jamb.

Making Jamb Result to last for 3 years

Jamb dismissed the appeal of the senate to extend jamb result validity to 3 years for a reason they said it would cause distortion and delay. Maybe adopting the senate proposal will make them to be less rich as the number of jambites is sure to reduce drastically if jamb result should be extended to 3 years.

If jamb should consider extending the duration of jamb result, it will be more favorable to students as they will have to read hard and score not only high but very high (280 and above) in jamb examination, I tells you, they must get admission within that range of 3 years. They will only need to face their books and write their post utme as post utme is a major factor in determining their chance of getting admission because if their jamb result is high but low post utme score, they will likely loose admission that year but if they have a high score in jamb and also in post utme, then their admission is certain.

Making Jamb Result to last for 3 years

The federal government and the Jamb body should consider so many things which student undergoes and adopt the senate’s proposal to make jamb result validity for 3 years.

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